Coding in the Music Classroom

LINEWAVES is a resource for educators who want to
teach music using coding and computational methods.

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Teach students to code while they learn about music.

Reinforce musical concepts with computer science.

Digital Pedagogy, Modular Design

LINEWAVES models the core principles of digital pedagogy: inclusion, collaboration, and participation. All materials are organized into modules that can easily be combined, customized, and integrated into existing curricula. Modules reflect a range of platforms and methodologies, and are designed for diverse applications and skill levels.

View the latest modules here:

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Who is it for?

LINEWAVES modules can be used in a variety of contexts—from the undergraduate music theory core to humanities courses that engage with music to computer science courses. While most of the content is designed with undergraduates in mind, there are also resources for secondary and postgraduate students. Check out our Guides to see how you can incorporate modules into your teaching.

What can you do?

Lots of things! For example:

Check out our Guides or our Getting Started page for more ideas.

Why coding?

LINEWAVES helps students learn code while they learn music. Code literacy is quickly becoming essential across disciplines, including the arts. At the same time, using computational methods to study music can illuminate the repertoire in new ways. Furthermore, many of the modules lay out methodologies that students can use to conduct their own research projects and learn through critical inquiry.


Drake Andersen
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music
Vassar College

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